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Quality breeding equipment and supplements at competitive prices. 

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Online Shop

Quiko Forte 500g (Minerals and Trace elements)

£10.00 £12.80

Quiko Forte mineral salts and trace elements Mineral pet food for all cage and ornamental birds. Quiko Forte is used for the treatment and prevention of mineral and trace element deficiency in young and adult birds. Quiko Forte is the ideal combination of Vitamin E plus iron, promotes fertility for canaries, parakeets, ornamental birds and pigeons and is ideal for the preparation of the breeding season until the last day of moulting. It increases the performance of the birds.Quiko Forte contains 27 minerals, trace elements and different vitamins, which combined support an optimum skeletal growth, as well as a correct plumage. It is used to treat and prevent mineral and trace element deficiency in young and adult birds. 

SHORT DATE 03/2021

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