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Planet Aviary Parrotfinch Breeding Mix


This Breeding mixture has been specially formulated for Parrotfinches to offer a nutritional and varied diet that is made up of 11 highly palatable seeds suitable for the breeding phase of their life-cycle. This seed mixture contains seeds that are rich in protein; which is an essential component for parent birds rearing their young, & contains a small percent of fatty acid seeds, which is nutritionally important for the development of chicks. Also included in the seed mixture is just the right ratio of low fat content grass seeds (Cocksfoot and Ryegrass), which when mixed altogether forms the heart of perfectly balanced seed recipe for breeding Parrotfinches. When do I feed it? Begin feeding your Parrotfinches the Breeding Mixture 6 weeks prior to breeding and for the duration of the breeding season. Parrotfinches enjoy a varied and complex diet and require other supplements in addition to just seed during the breeding phase of their life-cycle. We recommend Naturally for Bird�s �Prima� and �Micro-nutrients� as a complete food and the addition of oyster-shell/bird grit for laying hens. Ingredients: Canary Seed, White Millet, Yellow Millet, Japanese Millet, Yellow Panicum, Cocksfoot Grass seed, Red Panicum, Pinhead Oatmeal, Niger Seed, Ryegrass Seed & Hemp.

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